Special Needs Class, Columbus, Ohio

An elementary special needs class in Columbus, Ohio receives music therapy services for 40 minutes a week. The students look forward to singing, dancing, and playing instruments, and the teacher looks forward to the skills they are practicing. During instrument playing activities the students practice taking turns and attention to task. They also sing songs that reinforce academic concepts that they are learning in the classroom.

No matter the activity or specific goal, the students are always practicing and advancing skills that will help them achieve their academic goals as well as the goals identified in their Individualized Education Programs. Music is an engaging and motivating medium, which means that the students are more willing to work on difficult tasks that they may not want to do during other times of the school day. This motivation is further supported by the relationship with the music therapist, who is trained to assess how the students are functioning in various areas of development and then design and implement an intervention plan to address specific goals and objectives.

Objective 1. Positive social interactions

Columbus Special Needs Class