Music Therapy Podcast

The Intermezzo is a podcast for music therapy students.

  • Episode 7

    AMTA National Conference 2014

    In this episode, Rachel Miller joins us as we get excited for AMTA National Conference in Lousville, KY, November 6-9, 2014. Rachel, a music therapist who also works for West Music, shares what instruments and resources you can expect to find in the exhibit hall and we all discuss our favorite moments and events at national conference.

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  • Episode 6

    Time Management for the Music Therapist

    Starting back to school can be difficult to do without good time management skills. In this episode, Erin and Amy discuss the different aspects of being a music student and suggest best practices for juggling it all. Later, Amy and Erin each share their best tips, apps, and books for successful time management and productivity.

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  • Episode 5

    Beginning the Internship Process

    This episode will help you to make sure you are on the right track as you begin to consider and apply for internships. Amy and Erin share their own internship experiences and help you consider how to find the best internship fit. Professionalism in your writing and at conference will help prepare you for initial contact with internship directors.

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  • Episode 4

    Expanding Your Student Repertoire

    Gaining a large variety of music repertoire can be very challenging for the music therapy student, and clinician! In this episode, Amy and Erin share tips for continuing to acquire and develop music repertoire. Song recommendations are provided from both hosts that are applicable to a variety of populations and interventions.

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  • Episode 3

    School Breaks and Observing an MT-BC

    In this episode, we interview Brianna Larson, recent intern and new professional about how she has stayed productive over the summers. Tips for staying motivated and developing goals, priorities and strategies for supporting your development as a music therapy student over the summers. Also discussion of suggestions for observing an MT-BC over breaks and other times of the year.

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  • Episode 2

    Conference and AMTAS

    In this episode, we interview Melissa Heffner, Ohio University graduate student who has served multiple offices in multiple levels of AMTAS. Melissa shares information about the various levels of AMTAS, what they do and how you can become involved. We also discuss going to conference as a student and tips for making your conference cost effective and beneficial!

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  • Episode 1

    Demo Topics

    In the demo episode, Erin interviews various students and professionals at the 2013 GLR conference in Columbus, Ohio. Demo topics include: Advocating and Defining Music Therapy, Establishing Music Therapy in New Areas, Why Go to Conference As A Student, Keeping Up on Breaks.

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