School-Based Music Therapy

Music therapy is a research supported allied health profession that uses music as a therapeutic medium to address cognitive, communication, social, physical, emotional and behavioral needs. In the education setting, music therapy is commonly provided as an IEP related service or as educational enrichment.

To determine whether music therapy should be included as an IEP related service, a SEMTAP (Standardized Education Music Therapy Assessment Process) is conducted to evaluate the student’s response to music therapy intervention and its necessity to the student’s educational success.

Music therapy can also be provided to students as educational enrichment for those students who demonstrate significant educational gains through music intervention, but it has not been determined to be vital to their educational success.

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Music Therapy for Special Needs Classrooms

Reaching beyond traditional classroom music & music education

Do you find the children in your classroom love music? Do you wish there was a way to “harness” this engagement and response to music in a highly effective, efficient and educationally beneficial way? By providing students with music through the expertly skilled hands of a board certified music therapist, students in special needs classrooms can accomplish significantly improved outcomes.

Music therapists in special needs classrooms collaborate with classroom teachers and other education support staff to meet learning goals and objectives through strategically planned, fun and engaging music experiences. Students not only practice educational concepts through music, but also learn social skills, coping skills, behavior modification and self-expression. Whether through playing instruments, singing, moving to music, or writing songs together, students in music therapy are striving through fun in music.

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