• What is Sing, Learn, Grow?

    Sing, Learn, Grow is a music therapy based early childhood program designed and led by Board Certified Music Therapists to create child-centered musical experiences.  Sing, Learn, Grow integrates all that we, as music therapists, know about young children, development and musical responses.  Sing, Learn, Grow provides consistent music experiences through which the child’s overall development is supported and strengthened.

  • I just want my child to have fun. Do I Really Need a Music Therapist?

    Children will be engaged in a variety of music activities from singing and playing instruments to dancing and finding their own beat.  The “therapy” component indicates that all instructors are Board Certified Music Therapists who have received specialized training in early childhood development and early childhood music.  Through music play, focus is placed on each child’s development and peer connections that happen in a natural, developmentally appropriate, music making experience.

    Music Therapists:

    ·       Have received over 1200 hours of hands-on training, compared to approximately 600 hours or less for general music educators.

    ·       Lead classes that focus on growth, development and skill achievement through music play.  While musical competence will also occur, it is not the main goal. 

    ·       Effectively lead groups of young children through research-based techniques. 

  • What is class like?

    Each Sing, Learn, Grow music class is created and led by a Board Certified Music Therapist to meet the developmental needs of the children and the unique musical characteristics of the students.  The format is always flexible and responsive to in-the-moment music making of the children.  Activities will incorporate singing, movement, and playing instruments (provided by the instructor for use during class).  Classes are coordinated with current classroom themes.  

Growing Tree – Sing, Learn, Grow

Growing Tree - Sing, Learn, Grow

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Session 1: September 10- November 29, 2019
Session 2: December 3, 2019 – February 28, 2019                  Session 3: March 4- May 23, 2019

11 Week Fee- $55- 1 Session

33 Week Fee- $165- 3 Sessions (whole year)