José N. Claros O.

José N. Claros O. is a board-certified music therapist at Central Ohio Music Therapy LLC from Bogotá, Colombia. Currently, he is a Graduate Assistant pursuing a master’s degree equivalency track in music therapy at Ohio University. Throughout his practicum and internship experience, José has worked with a wide range of populations, including mental health care, children, forensic music therapy, and medical music therapy. He focuses on providing holistic and eclectic care that is meaningful and comprehensive. José received his undergraduate degree in Music Business with an additional major in Business Administration from Marian University. He is also a certified Music Producer and Deejay from Deejay Academy in Bogotá, Colombia.


In addition to his extensive background, José is currently conducting his thesis work, which focuses on culture and musical fusion and its impact on the therapeutic relationship. This research reflects his dedication to exploring the intersection of culture and music within the context of music therapy. In his spare time, José enjoys cooking, spending time with his wife, stepdaughter, and son, as well as being an avid soccer/football fan, supporting teams like Arsenal, Deportivo Cali, and the Columbus Crew.