COMT Individual Virtual Sessions

Looking for an effective and enjoyable way to receive the benefits of therapy from the safety and comfort of home? Virtual music therapy sessions may be just the answer!

Available for all ages and tailored to the music preferences and therapeutic needs of each client, music therapy can provide benefits such as:

  • Increased social interaction/decreased loneliness
  • Acquisition and/or retention of learning & skills
  • Improved expressive & receptive communication
  • Improved cognitive processing & memory recall
  • Improved mood/decreased depression
  • Improved fine and gross motor
  • Improved self-expression & self-confidence
  • Decreased pain perception, anxiety, & agitation
  • Many more!

For a limited time, experience music therapy for a reduced rate and waived assessment fee!

$25(normally $45) 25 min session/$150 (normally $270) pre-pay 6 sessions

$50(normally $90) 50 min session/$300 (normally $540) pre-pay 6 sessions

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